The SK8nHOPPER Concept

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Next stop...HYPERSPACE!


This vehicle operates similar to how a clock escapement mechanism works.  
Imagine my balancing Chariot as the L-shaped 'escapement':

Click on the above photo^, then look closely, and you can see a man's smiling face sitting in the back of this vehicle.  He is balancing me out up front, as I lean over a padded stomach cradle, and elbow rests! 




This Sk8nHopper concept would demonstrate how we can move a large amount of cargo weight, with only a fraction of the energy expenditure.  

How is this so?  Because, when the driver hops, he gets to balance on high-pressure, 100psi wheels with electric motor hubs.  

The friction of the driver's feet are momentarily taken off the road. 

Only a quarter of the energy is being expended.  That is, when compared to our present-day, inefficient four wheeled vehicle technology.  

This design is stable, easy to steer (could incorporate a TAIL FIN!), and is able to come to a quick stop, even when loaded with four adults.  

electric scooter hub motor brushless gear hub motor   < (2)-750 watt scooter hub motor/wheels, with hydraulic disc brakes will be used for this next design.  I've also wanted to further evolve this next vehicle by adding INLINE SKATES to the driver!  So, after much research, I've discovered a brand named called 'Skikes', which will work very nicely. 

 Skorpion Quad Roller Skates, with "Reverse Lock", could do the trick for pulling the Chariot along, then coasting, when going fast downhill.  


The 'Reverse Lock' is a mechanism makes the wheel only roll forward, making it easier to pull.  (Learn more about this special 'one-way- roller bearing for a retro-fit at  )

Then,with every hop...precise steering could be done with a tailfin!  The main 'hydraulic' braking would be with the Chariot's fulcrum wheels.


The above sketch shows a 'Foldable Chariot', which will fold up into a flatbed trailer, to be pulled behind a vehicle, carrying all of the gear.  
So, when the driver hops, leaving the road's surface, this next balanced vehicle will essentially get steered by an 'airplane rudder'! 

Kee-Lite aluminum connectors are used with 1.5" diameter electrical aluminum conduit, which can be cold-bent with a simple pipe bender into the desired curved arches.  They are about $10 each 10' length, and is worth every penny for having a STRONG vehicle that will handle up to 1000 lbs of people or cargo!  Another advantage is being able to easily disassemble joints, to make changes in the design. 

This Harbor Freight pipe bender ^ is the ticket for making nice, uniform bends with the 1.5" and 2" dia aluminum conduit.  The secret to make perfect arches is to suspend it from overhead!  That way, when bending the pipe, GRAVITY works in our favor to keep the arch from getting skewed!


  • So, I want to stop 'swimming against the stream', so to speak and go where the roads suit my wheels (and the weather suits my sandled toes), to work with like-minded people at changing people's transportation and livingry methods for the better!  

  • I am passionate about not only making human-powered transportation vehicles available for people but also make them into exquisite designs that are pedal-powered/hybrid solar electric!

  • With electric hub motors, up to 300 watts of flexible solar panels could become part of the canopy roof!

  • Imagine tooling around town in nice weather at a brisk 20mph.

Custom-covered with 'windsurfer sail material', which encloses it completely, and fitted with zipper doors as well. A basic sewing machine does the job!


  • Four of these wind-surfer sails get sewn together to make a beautiful waterproof canopy enclosure, complete with zipper doors, where the sides roll-up for built-in rain gutters!
  • Add two electric motor 16" scooter back wheels with 20" 100psi BMX bike tires (they work very well together!) to smooth out any hill, and bring the overall rolling resistance down to virtually nil.