A 'Crystal Yurt' Greenhouse

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Thinking outside the rectangle!

(Please scroll down to see the photos and drawings) 

 http://crystalyurts.webs.com/  is a website that I set up for my friend, Rock Ridgeway, inventor fabricator of the Crystal Yurt.  He does all of his own custom sewing of the tent covers as well.  His hexagonal frame design was my inspiration for this bamboo 'garden gazebo', complete with a dreamcatcher swing!

Watch this video to see it.

Here are some pictures of actual structures that I was originally inspired by.  All built with this 24-stick method! Instead of canvas, a clear rip-stop poly raincover can be sewn up with a basic sewing machine.

http://www.gardendome.com/ is an amazing resource for greenhouse dome-related building techniques - and a page filled with dome structure patents! size="3"http://simplydifferently.org/

Now substitute the 2x4's for timber bamboo! Look under 'Connector Kits' on their home page to view 'Super Poly' - which is an inexpensive, translucent woven clear poly.

Another way to enclose the crystal-shaped yurt is to purchase 4'x8' polycarbonate clear sheets. The size of the greenhouse is such as to create minimal waste from cutting triangles to fit. Install the triangle cuts of the poly sheet similar to the way old glass is fitted into a window!

On the roof of the crystal yurt structure could be passive/electric solar panels to run an automatic watering solenoid valve system, LED lighting, hot water shower, etc.

These 'crystal'-patterned domes are exceedingly stable and will take high winds, and is based upon the work of Buckminster Fuller, the inventor. 3' diameter timber bamboo is recommended to be used.

Rock Ridgeway of Crestone, CO built these following structures.  More of his work is also found at:  http://crystalpavilions.blogspot.com/ 

The hexagonal deck shown is optional. This means that only six points need touch the ground. They are fastened down with 'hurricane RV screw anchors'. The (6) 60-degree triangle arches will allow access by even the tallest individuals.

Aesthetically-speaking, I can't think of anything more pleasing to look at than bamboo. It would totally enhance the look of the garden area at a corner.

It is also a symbol of renewability.

(24) bamboo poles at:

5 feet each will give a 8 ft. hexagon area.

8 feet each will give a 13 ft. hexagon area.

12 feet each will give a 20 ft hexagon area.

The crystal-shaped dome is more than sufficient to withstand any high wind. Sewn-in on the poly rip-stop fabric every 12" are ties to fasten the cover to the bamboo. Eyelet grommets every 24". The advantage to this is that the dome can easily be erected or disassembled by 2 people in about an hour - so as to qualify as a temporary structure.

Here is a one-stop-shop page for everything to construct a small geodesic dome greenhouse! http://www.gardendome.com/greenhouse_cover/poly_tarp.html