A Spinning Airship to Release Gliders!

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Into the Great Wide Open...

My friend, George, enjoys staying self-sufficient while he drives his mobile once again.

So, he built a "Whale's Tail" generator at his ranch^...

...to store up much-needed Hydrogen!

Well, his rolling rig just so happens to sit below a spinning airship.^

And, he's just about ready to lift another glider up on a one-way 5 mile trip!

Occupants with glider then get released to soar hundreds of miles or so. 

All the while, making liquid air, because that's what makes George's ballooncraft go!"  


* * * * * * * 


This could be the inevitable 'enlightenment' of the road vehicle that we've all been waiting for! Based upon biomimicry of bacteria swimming!  (see picture below)

Compressed air rotates the pinecone-shaped spinning airship around a centering cable, which is held taut by a graphite bow. The exhaust by-product of cold, clean, & denser air exits out from under the geodesic cap, and hugs the envelope, creating a slipstream effect around the entire envelope.

A graphite spring is sandwiched between the two balloon envelopes, and coils out from forward to aft. Balloon then keeps its shape, with tension cables, for traveling in high winds, while corkscrewing through the air.

Because helium is government-controlled, and prohibitively expensive, a balloon-in-a-balloon concept is used, where the inside lifting gas is hydrogen, with a surrounding layer of nitrogen. N2 production is made via compressed air run through a zeolyte sieve.

The tail fin rudder is two flexible ribbons that directionally guide exiting cold, denser vortex stream of air. The control cabin is a rolling gondola ballast control, which also doubles as a grasping, ground anchor. Due to this aerodynamic spinning, overall airship size is much smaller to carry same amount of weight aloft.

Liquid air (-321F) is made either by thermoacoustic refrigeration technology, or by ADR (adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration) as the glider descends from being lifted to 5 miles. Because of the solar heat that is laden within the ambient air temperature, and Bernoulli principal of the glider descending, this transportation system operates virtually on free energy!

Power lines are a thing of the past, because they get in the way of people floating around, while creating all of the energy that they need for home and transportation! Because of this virtually free, slower air travel system, jets blasting off and polluting the atmosphere to the 5 mile altitude are no longer necessary to do.

The symbiosis between the spinning airship and glider could produce a traveling method coast-to-coast of economy lifters, which require gliders to pay with liquid air they make to get lifted up to 5 miles.

Back where the spinning airship is housed, a stationary system makes the hydrogen lifting gas.

Just about everyone who flies will benefit, monetarily and environmentally-speaking. Most likely, gliders would travel only as fast as their vehicle counterparts on land, so an entirely new support infrastructure is needed. (i.e. with new rules for floating around and gliding.)

Yet, I believe that this is all doable, when we allow Nature's workings to guide us into this new travel paradigm. The spinning airship also doubles as a type of skycrane, to virtually eliminate all heavy equipment that is presently needed to accomplish a heavy-lifting/transporting task.

Fighting forest fires could mean many, many spinning airships popping out of their hangars, to join in with quickly carrying tons of water to snuff out a raging fire.

The outcome of building a complete prototype system could perhaps be likened to a caterpillar changing into a butterfly!

Because, in a future ideal setting, the family unit is empowered, with the assistance of a renewable neighborhood cottage industry. It could become an example of daily life that literally enchants the world to do the same, with its abilities and uniqueness.

Just like birds may be considered the 'enlightenment' of reptiles, so too, floating upward to then glide back down to ones destination on free energy, may be considered the 'enlightenment' of the automobile"!

One day, it might be considered that it is our Constitutional right to be able to efficiently float and glide like this to our destination, thereby requiring that many high-tension power lines be removed.”



Bacteria use flagella to propel themselves.  This is my inspiration for the spinning airship design. 

^ click on picture above to learn more of this work of Michael Minovitch, who, without his incredible invention for a "Magnetic Condensing Cryogenic Engine", George's ballooncraft would definitely not go!