A 2-Stage Oscillating Swing Generator!

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Click on the above drawing to see a YOUTUBE animation of a 2-Stage Oscillating Electric Generator

This is about utilizing a new 2 stage Oscillating lever inventon concept to amplify the effects of a rowing machine energy-storage method.

A Serbian inventor, Veljko Milkovic www.veljkomilkovic.com, has discovered the benefit of using a 2-stage oscillation effect to do much more work, with the same amount of energy input.

This mechanism takes advantage of the force of gravity and the penduluum to create a very high-efficiency in energy storage. In other words, many times greater than what could be accomplished with just an ordinary rowing machine just sitting on the ground.

So, in my drawings here, I have proposed using compressed air as the energy storage medium, which could then run a compressed air balancing chariot(s) around the Playa!

Though, it can also make electricity, too!  Just click on the above picture to see the alternative way to store energy.  The up-and-down motion gets turned into round-and-round motion by the "dual-ratcheting flywheel mechanism".  An alternator is then spun, creating and storing electricity in a bank of batteries.

People enjoy each other's company while swinging together, while doing a very easy rowing motion! The end result is either compressed air stored into an insulated scuba tank, or electricity stored in Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.

With compressed air, a "quick-release check valve" system allows easy in-and-out replacement of tanks from the chariot. Trade out an empty tank with a full one, and away you go with 1000 pounds of people! One person pulls the load, while 'moonwalking' effortlessly with the compressed air-assist!

A 35 feet tall, 2 stage oscillating swing pump could be erected with guide wires staked into the ground using screw anchors. Similar to how a radio antenna mast is erected.

I am envisioning a swing, where four people swinging and synchronizing each time by rowing together. So easy, and yet so much fun, with everyone doing it together! Curved pipe swings could be side by side, and loaded up with even more people in sync at one time!

This is really a type of gravity penduluum drive. I thought to myself, 'If two weights are counter rotating, then at a certain speed, the back-and-forth motion becomes in sync with the opposed, rotating weights!

There is really only one cruising speed for people to steadily row, once the swinging synchronization had been reached. It's just like a giant Grandfather clock with its clock escapement mechanism! Every complete swing cycle makes the 2-stage oscillating lever move up-and-down twice.

The swing can be constructed of 'cold-bendable' aluminum Conduit. Aluminum is half the weight of steel, and can be obtained through local recycling yards. Keelite aluminum fttings hold it all together. Then it can be wrapped decorative cloth like you would with bicycle handlebar tape.

By swinging in this 'swing/penduluum' the other end of the lever oscillates up and down. This then operates a vertical rod which, with a simple piston air compressor, stores the energyinto an insulated air scuba tank. The heat from compression stays put, and gives more umph to run two air pistons, which are located on-board the chariot!

These two air pistons then power the wheels, to assist the runner/driver with getting easily around a festival area at 10mph cruising speed...with a 1000 pounds of people!

So, the penduluum , that is in the Two-Stage Oscillating Lever invention, now becomes a...children's swing air compressor! You know, I think that we all would like to say that we receive...

Abundant energy, with nothing to pay?

Well, that's how you'd get me working today!

Just send me to that swing over there,

And away I'll work, without a care!

Rowing & swinging, the baby's now asleep,

The compressed air tank has breathed-in pretty deep.

Then, over to the other side of the festival we'd go.

'Compressed air-assist' on a rolling lever, you know!

The longer front end of the 50' tall 2-stage oscillating lever is most efficient at a .618 length ratio, or phi ratio. It is then balanced horizontally, with extra weight added forward or aft as needed. A sliding weight on a track which could be pulled forward or aft along the main oscillating lever would do it.

The compressed air that's in the tank on the chariot, could shoot a fine misty stream of
out for all to gather 'round in.So, in other words, 'Let the swinging and misting begin!' 


Here's an aluminum conduit, "rolling teeter-totter" 'Pushmepullyouhopper' in action.  The front runner/driver runs and hops...then the back runner/driver runs and hops!  With a little modification, it could easily be made to become stationary, with the fulcrum wheels fixed, and create energy (as sketched in the picture below) Enjoy!


Below is a quick sketch to demonstrate the feasability of a very long, stationary teeter-totter "synchronized swinging" energy generator. The overall length of the "teeter-totter" and the lengths of the swing ropes are synergistic to each other. In this case, the two people are compressing air into a tank. Though, electricity could also easily be made by the up-and-down motion. This will either store energy into a bank of batteries, or more efficiently, electrolyze water and safely store hydrogen gas.

Click on the above drawing to see the ANIMATION where I received the inspiration to include "Opposed Spinning Weights" under this "Rowing Swing".

Brief Description

Below is a 2-stage oscillating swing pump. Click on the drawing to see an electricity-storing device. The up-and-down motion gets turned into round-and-round motion by a "Dual-Ratcheting Flywheel/Alternator"