A Foldable Chariot/Rowing Velociped/One-Wheeled Chariot Design

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First off, here's a little Charioteering history, with a video of the 'Granny Trike' Chariot (used in building the chassis), & filled with children at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ.  

                            It's All About Balance! 

I'm now focused to coming back stateside, and adding my slice to a collective human-powered vision that many people are having, and constructing some far-out balancing Chariots!   

I have a car(e)-free vehicle design which can be utilized right in the heart of the city!   And I've coined the term Sk8nHopper, which is what I'm calling this future work of 'kinetic sculpture' art.

This short Burning Man video I'm 'moonwalking with a  RAINBOW', and it shows this unique, balancing Dreamcatchermobile in action.  

Then, imagine if a vehicle such as this were to have two 1000 watt electric motor hub wheels to push the driver along, while wearing inline roller skates that have one-way rolling wheels!  

When the driver hops, they steer this vehicle with a tail fin!  Even rolling down steep roads is totally possible, and all the while staying in complete control of both steering and braking.  
This type of vehicle is what could be referred to as a true 'land plane'...or 'Conservation of Momentum-mobile'!

This next model to be built is actually a foldable Chariot!  
In other words, it doubles as a flatbed trailer that could carry all of the gear to a location in town, while being towed behind a special rowing vehicle design from the year 1905!  

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Travel to a destination while towing this trailer that's carrying all the gear, with a rowing, four-wheeled Velocipede ^, that's also equipped with electric motor hub wheels to assist in pulling this trailer along, and smoothing out the hills.  
Upon arrival, unload everything, and then unfold this 'flatbed trailer', to have it become an elegant, balancing coach!  
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 Give rides at an event, while blowing people's minds with the moonwalk glide on one-way rolling skates, for better traction in pulling.
When a rowing Velocipede tows a foldable Chariot,
it's two, two, two vehicles in one 

In this Current TV video, the balancing Dreamcatchermobile Chariot is shown in action. Here is also a Burning Man 2007 video that gives another close-up look.


But wait, there's more...

As you scroll down and look at this simple sketch, take a moment to imagine this one-wheeled, balancing contraption rolling down the road, and giving rides in your area! 

I am sure that after studying these design drawings, it will become very clear, to one who is skilled in the art of bicycle repair, how to go about building this particular project vehicle.   

So, without further ado, here is the concept of, 
 A 'One Wheeled Balancing Chariot' Design by Darin_Selby@hotmail.com
                         July 2, 2012   (808) 419-8421 

The only truly difficult part of this particular design is to build a modified Penny-Farthing Hi-wheel, with an electric motor hub/brake drum, from scratch.

It's modified in the sense that it must have a stronger-gauge of spokes, that are also shorter in length, so as to allow for the electric motor/drum brake at the hub.

Though I believe that I have a workable plan to do so, based upon the work of a New Zealand Hi-Wheel company that is listed below.  

This by far, is the most unique vehicle design that I've come up with as of yet.  It will have the same qualities of the ones previously built, where the driver is lifted up by the passenger's weight, though now balanced upon only one aluminum-rimmed wheel, which is 6 feet in diameter! 

Australians are big into the nostalgic  Hi-wheel bike, and have races with them, and so forth.   


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At first glance, this may seem like a rather odd vehicle to have only one wheel.  
Though, I believe that it is a workable & unique design, which could be very fun and entertaining to give rides with at a festival! 

^This tightrope toy shows why the Hi-Wheel stays upright.  Imagine the red ball weights as being the batteries(2).

And basically, this vehicle is a rolling 'teeter totter', just like all of the other ones I've built!  

The balance ratio, as shown with these stones, allows the driver to share a rhythmic-balance-interchange with the passenger's weight.

Another advantage of having the fulcrum wheel diameter be so large, is that road bumps and going over curbs would be much easier to navigate.  

Add an electric motor with a drum brake at the center hub of a heavy-gauge spoked Penny Farthing 'Hi-Wheel'.  

This way, the center of gravity for the frame, batteries and passenger seat is able to be very low, and the larger percentage of the weight is being carried below the 36" Hi-Wheel axle.   

The driver, on roller skates (that roll in only one direction), gets pushed along.  He is able to make 10-15 ft. 'moonwalking' leaps, while steering the vehicle with a tail fin!  

So, one-way rolling wheels are preferable, that way it's easier for the driver to propel himself and this vehicle along.  I have looked into several 'ratcheting' roller skating patents.  Here's an interesting one.  It has a quick-release on the ratcheting mechanism:
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Here is the detailed explanation of the drawing:

1)  A heavy-duty version of a 60" diameter (1,828 millimeters)

An Electric motor hub with a drum brake   .The aluminum rim (a curved C-bar) would have holes drilled around it to accept all of the shorter heavy-gauged spokes.  Extruded silicon tubing that is foam-filled.  
Here is the procedure to attach, with a wire, this tubing to the wheel rim.  This New Zealand company can be contacted for tried-and-tested tubing tire supplies.

-one on each side of the High Wheel for balance.  

Both batteries are fastened to sliding racks,HP xw6200 Sliding Rack Kit - Rack and Rack Optionsto be able to be moved forward or aft, and balance-out the driver with the weight of the passenger.  If there's no passenger, then the batteries are moved farther back from the fulcrum point.
3)  Two 6" diameter swivel caster wheels,189222 one on each side and fastened to the piping.  These are to rest the vehicle upon when sitting stationary.  Since they swivel, this also allows the driver to spin the vehicle around 360 degrees, and come to rest down upon them while still spinning around.  

4)  A Dreamcatcher Skychair that is made from aluminum bicycle wheel rims and hemp rope that is suspended from the curved pipe frame.  Since this chair is being held from above, has a built-in suspension from the curved, flexing frame that holds it.

5)  A tail fin  is used for steering when the driver hops  and the vehicle is then balanced upon the simulated high-pressure fulcrum Hi-Wheel.

 6)  A lightweight, inflatable donut padded area (^cut out the floor area), is for the driver to lean over upon and be comfortably lifted up by the aft-end weight of the batteries, or passenger.  

When properly balanced, a 170 lb. person would then weigh approximately 50 lbs.  The torso support area could be just a simple 'padded stomach sling'.

7)  An all-in-one 'Joystick' for controlling the tailfin rudder, as well as braking and electric motor control.    
(Add the joystick in-between this brake handle and spring-loaded throttle control).
Electrical Rigid Aluminum Conduit 1/2



-which can be cold-bent into the proper curves, with a hand-pump hydraulic pipe bender 

It is then assembled together with aluminum 'Kee-Lite' connectors.L29 [tech]

9)  Trampoline fabric  

 for the flooring area, which is then lashed onto the pipe frame.

10)  In-line Skates with clutch bearings.  The wheels on the 'Skike' skates roll in only one direction. 


Skike vX TWIN - Second Edition 


Please, do share with me your thoughts,