Our Amazing Ocean of Air!

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Please refer to the complete Michael Minovitch patent found here on my website:   http://darinselby.1hwy.com/index_2.html

Do you believe that there is enough solar heat in the ambient air to keep a cryogenic air engine going?

Wouldn't this concept of getting 'low pressure air into a high pressure insulated tank' benefit a hybrid compressed air/human-powered engine design?

I have included, at the end of this page, an email that I received from Michael. He is the same mathematician/scientist who gave to humanity the calculations to gravity slingshot
space probes to the outer planets!


If you are interested in further researching his 'atmospheric liquid air engine' concept, contact Bill Cress at billcress@ix.netcom.com


Since Michael has pioneered the CADR magnetic refrigeration invention, other inventors have built upon his discoveries, and have cut costs even further on creating liquid air. This is truly the secret to a 'perpetual' free energy... from the very solar heat-laden air that we breathe.

Engines can now be designed to mimic the heat pump cycle found throughout Nature. (google: CADR heat pump) All is needed to do this is our wonderful atmosphere. This decentralizes it all. The 'implosion air engine'
no less!

Make extreme cold very efficiently...-321degrees kind of cold. Liquid O2 then becomes an actual lubricant for the engine!

The by-product of this process is instant a/c,
while the air-powered vehicle is parked on hot pavement.

Freeze-dryers may soon become commonplace in the kitchen scene, just as the refrigerator has become. In conjunction with home hydroponic food-growing greenhouses it'll make the processed-food industry


Water from air extraction units is another by-product.  No more centralized municipal water city piping is then needed. 

The entire vortexian air engine, with all of its valvular conduits, is one big (or small) Dewar container! 'Vacuum hydraulics'! It would be a system that works off of the principle of 'inviting' all work to happen, via a vacuum suction, instead of the pressure explosion system that presently is being employed.

So, let's now turn our genius abilities toward evolving a 'compressed-air' technology for the slower-moving masses!

http://www.theaircar.com is a good place to start. They are being manufactured and sold in India now! It is the compressed-air equivalent of the 'Model T' with
many improvements to come. This air car model is a good start in the right direction!

Also, check out Scott Robertson's: http://www.aircaraccess.com for in-depth background history information on the subject of compressed air technology over the course of a century! 


The 'Triple-Stage Expansion Air Engine' - The most efficient compressed air vehicle that was ever mass-produced, was used extensively in the locomotives in Germany at the turn of the century. 100's of them traveled in and out of the mines. What stopped it all? In one word, petroleum!

The main advantage of using compressed air technology (besides the fact that no toxic petroleum fluids are used) is that the exhaust from a compressed air motor is dry, filtered and extremely cold!

First Law of Thermodynamics says that when you compress a gas it heats up. If the air compressor is placed inside the tank, and then the tank is now highly insulated, you have a type of 'pressure cooker'.

Air that is compressed usually will be used the same day, correct? So, this way of storing compressed air, much of the heat is retained and not dissipated. This gives the air tank more Umph, at a much reduced energy expenditure, to create the same amount of pressure.

Now, when a compressed air motor is run, the exhaust from it is extremely cold, as the air is allowed to once again expand. This coldness can act like a 'heat sink'
that will pull the solar heat right out of the ambient air temperature!

Free energy from the ‘ocean of air’
, that we live at the bottom of, is
being pumped up to 'one atmosphere' by our illustrious
Sun. So, it's all about tapping into ‘the buoyancy-factor'.

Now, what if one could make extra- extreme cold in a highly efficient way? (-321F, when the air becomes a liquid)

CADR (Continuous Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigeration) is the key. Do a Google.com search for the latest work on this - using Gadolinium, which is cycled in and out of a strong, permanent magnetic field. It eliminates the need for any type of toxic refrigerant.

Another way, without the use of exotic rare-earth metals to reach sublimation temperatures is with Thermoacoustics.  Go here and learn more about it.  Ben & Jerry's ice cream is now being made this way, too! 

Once cryogenic temperatures are reached, liquid O2  then becomes a lubricant for the cryogenic engine. As a heat sink, this engine system will pull in enough ambient solar heat to become self-running. Not perpetual motion, mind you. Can you picture this?

It's not my original idea by a longshot. It all belongs to Michael Minovitch.

U.S. patent:
2003/0218852 A1 Nov. 27, 2003,
entitled 'Magnetic Condensing System for Cryogenic Engines' (You can view it at the link above ^)  

So, this patent reveals that it is definitely true, 'All we need is the air that we breathe to love the Earth.'

There is much more to share with you in the way of 'environmental solutions to the world's pollutions'. And, it all centers around our amazing atmosphere

The bottom line of what I'm sharing here is this, that...'Compressed air is really just another form of solar energy'!

For the most part, compressed air has been left out of the modern-day environmental energy equation. This is because modern compressed air systems are very inefficiently designed. 80% or better of the energy needed to compress the air into a tank goes up as heat to the surrounding ambient air!

Now, when a compressed air system is designed correctly, it will give petroleum and electric cars a run for their money!

Now, why would one want to have an air-powered car?
Well, for starters, guess what comes out of its exhaust tailpipe? Cleaner air than what went in!


So, it is actually beneficial to drive one around! When the atmosphere is compressed into a tank, it has to be first filtered and dried.

Now, if that aint a comedy show
waitin' to happen! Imagine - happy people, glad to be stuck in traffic with their air-powered cars just running away!

When I hear people talk about "Who killed the electric car?" I say, Good riddance!  Now, let's move on to a much more advanced way of transportation;  with a compressed air car revolution!"

It seems like, at first, to be a great idea to use electric vehicles, but one day I they may be outlawed, just like plastic bags are now being stamped-out in San Francisco!

Why? Because electric cars take ten+ times the amount of toxic
batteries to run them as compared to their petroleum counterparts!  Even the so-called wonderful Li-ion batteries are extremely toxic when multiplied by the millions.

Plus, has anyone really addressed the intense magnetic fields that people are being exposed to with both internal combustion engines and electric motors?

For instance, consider the Toyota Previa van - where the driver sits directly over a high-energy electronic ignition spark system,
which is radiating intense magnetic and electric fields... right into the groin area of the driver!

The compressed air car completely eliminates these concerns. Ideally, active/passive solar panels and wind power would compress the air at each home.

So, in closing, if one has liquid air
stored into a Dewar container (it's like a large vacuum thermos), it will stay liquid for good long time at room temperature! It becomes like having a battery. And then, as the liquid air slowly boils off and evaporates, it can then run the A/C and the freeze drier...not to mention condense water for drinking right out the the air itself!

In closing, here is an email response from Michael Minovitch:

Sept. 10, 2007

"Dear Darin:
Thank you for sending me the pictures and your recent letter regarding my patent 'Magnetic Condensing System for Cryogenic Engines.' Your vehicle was very interesting. It indicates that you are a serious person.
Regarding the patent, there are several investors who are interested in developing it. But the cost of a prototype is very high -- perhaps 10 or 20 million?

Michael Minovitch
PS: You are correct in your analysis of the meaning of the invention. It really will do all those things you pointed out, and a lot more."


THE AIRGULPER design concept is next. GULP air into a tank more efficiently that you could ever do by traditional compressing.