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Use only a fraction of the power needed by a snowmobile!

The "Snowhopper" concept could save an incredible amount of fuel when traversing wide expanses of snow-laden areas.  Most of the time, when traveling, it would be balanced on its fulcrum skis.  And while balanced, and skiing along, it is steered by a tail fin rudder!  This lets go of a lot of resistance of the traction treads on the surface of the snow.

When braking, a scoop comes down on the back end of the skis, slowing down the vehicle.  This slows it down enough for the front end traction treads to come back onto the snow' surface.  They are the main braking force for the vehicle.  They could even have a regenerative-braking effect to them, as well!

Snowhopping can translate over to the road as well.  Click here for the drawing of a balancing "Sk8hopper"! http://darinselby.1hwy.com/skateboardhopper1.html