A Unique Interpretation for Christmas Eve

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On December 24th at midnight...



From Neville Goddard's book entitled, "Your Faith is Your Fortune"

You can download it in its entirety from here: 





^The constellation Virgo standing on the eastern horizon at midnight, Dec 24th.

^At the end of Virgo's arm, where she holds a chalice, is "bubbling forth" a frothy realm of galaxies!  It is the most concentrated area of them in the Northern sky! 

22% of all the known galaxies seen north of the equator are there! 

Hubble telescope spends a lot of its time pointed in this direction.

This is a beautiful metaphor representing how the bounds of imagination are just as infinite.  And as it "bubbles forth" from our receptive, or virgin female aspect of our being,  what we've imagined as true must then remain unspotted from the seeds of doubt and uncertainty. 

 "Wait but a little while" is the ancient instruction given for the amount of time necessary for the unfoldment of what we persist in believing to be already true.  When we daily practice this form of meditation, it is sure to come, and it won't be late! 

As it begins in Neville's book,


Here is a colorful picture book entitled, "At Your Command", also by Neville Goddard: