Balancing Chariot Designs for a Festival!

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A Unique Interpretation for Christmas Eve



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A FOLDABLE  SK8nHopper design.

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Each one of these "balancing vehicle" creations is novel and unique.  Over a period of a decade, many models have already been built, tried, and successfully tested! 

Imagine the addition of an elegant CHARIOT to travel to-and-fro in, and have at festival events!  

This is not your typically-operated vehicle, though.  It travels much like the motion of a
 clock escapement mechanism in a grandfather clock

The runner/driver of this balancing rickshaw gets their own weight lifted up by the weight of the cargo.  

A "rolling teeter-totter", no less!  Instead of a driver weighing 170 pounds, now they weigh 50 pounds, and are able to make 15-20 ft. leaps while operating this vehicle! 

Woody Harrelson climbs-in for a ride at the 2004 Film Festival in Woodstock, NY!   This shows the capability of how much weight can be moved with hardly any effort!  


           Here is a true 'Conservation-of-Momentum' mobile!

Woody, apprehensive at first, but now enjoying the ride in my hemp hammock!

The chariots are coming!

The New York Times photo. I have two riders that are balancing me out so I can spin like a merry-go-round! What's that? Oh, I think they're yelling stop!

Two girls are catching a ride around the flea market in Woodstock!

...and they're enjoying the scenes with Dad n Mom in hemp rope hammocks that I wove!

Hopping into the Saturday flea market in Woodstock, NY

A back side perspective of my 18 feet long skedaddlehopper!

I'm an instant roadblock wherever I go!

Wow, what I'm doing is just like the clock escapement motion in a grandfather clock!

This shows the traditional rickshaw where the weight of the passengers is right over the wheels. Notice that there isn't any padding for the driver to lean over! "This way not so easy to do!"

Christmas in Woodstock, NY all lit up with a car battery and small inverter as a ballast! 'Grandpa Woodstock' is standing to the left of me.

Skedaddlehopping with my friend, Annie Hickman. Her weight is balancing me, so that I can take 10 foot leaps with ease! Click on the picture & see her amazing website V

"A Smith Bros lozenge, anyone?"

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