The Gooey Message Down Under!

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People near and far, are wanting a superior energy source, we can tell.
 Eager to switch - 
lettin' go of every last stitch
- to what is called the...

"Energy Monopoloy Carousel

So, here's a story about a little beetle, and how it became so smart.

All of a sudden, it has a revelation,
and to a human it must impart...






"The Gooey Message Down Under"
I was walking down the street one day…
(Actually I was on the shoulder of a big and busy highway!)

Gas can in hand as I had my thumb stuck out,
Trying to get a car whizzing by to take me to the next
I thought to myself how much I needed some "go-car-go"
So I decided to journey across a field and take a shortcut
As I trudged off through the thick and brambly weed,
There was a buzzing noise flying ‘round me that grew louder
I stopped and tried to focus in on what it really was.
And then, for no other reason except for,
"Just because"…
I took a wild swing at whatever it was, and then tried escaping
from it with a
Only to have my foot get caught up in a patch of some knarly
'Catch and Keep'!
I tumble down the grassy embankment, and my empty gas can
goes flying.
I come to a halt; bonking my head, "Ouch that hurt!", I was
The buzzing sound was still there, it had not gone away.
That flying 'mystery-creature' had followed me down to
where I lay!
My head was still spinning a little as I tried to focus in.
Something alighted onto my arm,
and was now crawling upon my
Low and behold
, a big shiny beetle had landed,
And in a buzzing sort of way TALKED TO ME! Oh yes, it was very
It said, " you know what happens to every drip and
drop that comes out of most of these cars?
Well, click-buzz, it ends up around where we live...right along
with an assortment of old plastic jars!
I'm sure that you're wondering how a little beetle like me came
to be so smart? could've been when I chewed on that ole
'Ginko' leaf; a little inspiration it helped impart!
I don't know how long these effects will last,
So I'll get right to the point and share with you an environmental
Since I'm so tiny and like to cruise along on the ground,
I see things from a different point of view. So listen closely and
I will expound. humans like to travel a lot by sitting in vessels
that are wheeled.
But something so very crucial is missing on your motorcars. From
your eyes it is very concealed!
I was just up in that ole Ginko tree watching some colorful
carriages drive by.
Then, with one munch, all of a sudden I had a hunch, there was
more to all of this than meets the eye!
I flew up and around, then back down to the ground, only to land
smack-dab in a puddle of black, gooey
As I wiped myself clean of the oil from some machine, I noticed
the humans had forgotten the bottom on each car!
There I was at the ground-level looking up from down under; no
longer seeing a colorful 'shell'.
Instead it was all rusty-looking with black, drippity goo. The same
stuff I landed in, buZZzclicKclicK-I could tell!"
Just then, amidst the roar of the traffic, four people rowing a vehicle go by...
"BuzzzwwwWOW! THAT'S IT! clickclick Humans could have
those and not these around here multiply!
Then our drinking water would finally be saved
From gooey drips and drops running off roads that are paved!
BuZZz-clicKthough, before this can happen, some room on the
road has to be made.
So that these rowing cyclists can travel to & fro, and no longer
be afraid!
How about some 'Human Powered Highways' across this
great land.
'Cause it's hard to say how much more runoff today our
habitation can stand?!
BuzzZclickCLick it might be hard for you to hear this message, I
'Cause you humans have children to raise, bills to pay and places
to go.
My advice is to seek out others who are doing things fresh and
Maybe they could be building some rigs made out of strong
BuZZzZ-or, how about gettin' together with locals who grow the
crops for
They might know some yurt-buildin' folks, who also make neat
walking sticks!
ClickCLick-now, with some room made on the road, things are a
bit more opener.
Rowing over here, and helping to push over there...
'Doing things
by our own steam'
, is the new attitude in the air!
There are many other ideas and ways I could suggest. Oh yes,
the list is very tall.
But for now, I'll keep it brief and say,
buzz- 'Keep human
power at the center of it all'!
Then, after a while, the birds and the frogs once more will
Bringing with them the wonderful melodies of their chirping and
croaking sound!
BuzzZZclickcliCKbuZzZ-I can tell that the effects of the Ginko
leaf is starting to wear off!
So my suggestion is to put under each leaky vehicle a simple, yet
essential trough.
That catches and stores up all of this black, drippity goo.
To keep everything around us from going askew.
Make it worthwhile for people to bring this stuff back.
Reward them with the tools they need, so they won't
want to use their ole
Or, how about some motor oil made from plants? It's some slippery stuff too, I'll say!
If they're going to leak, well then...let them leak hemp, so we all can shout,
'Hemp, hemp, hooray!'
Oh, buZzCLick-here comes someone running down the hill; ready to
aid in a speedy rescue.
Please, buzz-tell this story to others and help them to see it too!"
Then, that little beetle flew up and away; zig-zagging clean out of
my sight.
Someone calls to me, a friendly lady asking me if I happen to be
all right?
I patted myself down and said, "I think I'm okay
From tumbling down off of that busy old freeway!
Oooh, except for getting this nasty lump.
It grew on my noggin when I collided with that stump!"
It was kind of wierd, as if I was coming out of a dream.
But, I could still hear a far-away buzzing sound amidst an
18-wheeler engine scream!
The voice of that little beetle has stuck in the forefront of my
Was it all real, or only a dream? Were these instructions to all of
The message relayed to its 'captive audience' of one, I must say,
did ring oh, so true:
'Slowing way down to a pedaling speed while having it all together
with you!'
That way, the people and places we missed by doing such a speedy
Now get noticed and seen - the air again becomes clean...and the
gooey runoff will vanish too, I'm sure!
There are many other pressing issues we can focus on today. That
is so very, very true.
But, let's take a little time now to imagine ourselves free from
the unrelenting
gloppity goo!

Here's a totally drip-proof car!  

 (Click to see a special place off the coast of Naples, Italy to drive it to!  Make sure to bring snorkeling gear!)  V