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A Pinecone-patterened Spinning Airship Glider

I have a concept for a "fuelless flightspinning airship .  

I have patterened this latest design after a pinecone.  (In fact, I superimpsed my latest drawing on top of a pinecone photo!)  As you can see, I've been thinking about this spinning balloon concept for a few years now.  It is only recently that it has dawned on me to use the pinecone as the template to follow for the spiral pitch of the balloon's propulsion vanes.

 This system becomes "Fuelless" by taking advantage of the Bernoulli principle, and the laws governing buoyancy.  

With a water-cooler sized LN2 maker, these two principles can now go hand-in-hand, which could lead to an entire fleet of these spinning airships, with detachable gliders.  The predictable air current patterns could be followed across the nation, to create a network of fuelless flight, spinning airship "skycrane" lift stations!  

Payment is given in liquid air.  The spinning balloon's only purpose could be to take these gliders up to a 5 mile altitude, and then release them! 

The hydrogen lifting gas is then re-compressed, and the now heavier-than-air airship descends back to the ground, to once again to carry another glider back up to 5 miles altitude. 

The spinning-effect of the airship is also a kinetic energy electricity storage system, for an on-board battery that runs the compressor and gondola, etc. 

1) It spins like a football,  as it 'corkscrews' through the air, utilizing a type of compressed air propulsion, supplied by the expanding liquid air.

2) It has an important "byproduct" of air motor cold exhaust, that creates the cold air slipstream which exits out over the tapering balloon shape.  This allows it to travel much faster, and be more stable in high winds. 
3) The balloon is filled with hydrogen instead of helium.  This autonomous floating method decentralizes the govt.-controlled helium lifting gas necessity.   An h2n2 dual balloon envelope could be utilized when transporting people.  The inner balloon contains the hydrogen, and the outer balloon contains the inert, non-flammable 'blanket gas' of either nitrogen or helium.  
4) It runs on liquid air (-321F) 
5) -which is made by the descending gliders, which can computer-glide on airstream currents for 100's of miles.  It is their "payment" for getting transported back up to a 5 mile altitude.  
6) With a unique stationary spiral-bladed rudder, that can be warped into any direction to steer the airship
7) The graphite bow, which the gondola rolls forward and aft upon, is analagous to a "reverse suspension bridge".   It is able to hold the central cable taut, and also allow the moveable gondola to be a ballast for pointing the airship skyward, or towards the ground.

I have been inspired by Viktor Schauberger's invention of a slipstream biological-submarine, and then translated it over into this spinning airship concept.  It also mimics, to some degree, how bacteria swim.






^ Patterned after the pinecone, this airship becomes highly maneuverable, and fast. This is due to the slipstream effect of the colder, denser air exhaust that hugs the tapering balloon envelope. Steering happens in two ways. The gondola acts as ballast, by moving forward and aft upon the graphite bow, to point the airship upward or downward. The kinetic energy of the balloon rotation works with a radio-controlled, magnetic clutch, which engages to warp the tail fin into any desired direction.


 The moveable gondola that also is able to grasp and hold.  Whether it is the LN2-producing glider, or being a 'skycrane', or grasping an upwind anchoring location. ^


 Here is an original drawing idea, to add certain guiding shapes to the inside of the air tank! As far as my patent searches have gone, this has never been done before. Why? Because there hasn't been a need to do so. Now, here comes the valvular/air jet principle. 

My contribution is in giving the high-pressure jet of air some place to go to to get out of the way of the low-pressure air that is getting GULPED in!

That is, the high pressure air would be out of the way for a longer interval while it is trapped inside of the scrolling shaped valvular conduits

The scrolling shape's proportion is in keeping with the shape of the Nautilus seashell, or, as it is called, the Golden Section ratio. 

 The Airgulper assembly is retrofitted inside of an insulated scuba tank.^  Not only would it be extremely quiet while compressing air this way, the compression heat also remains for a time.   Normally, if someone is compressing air into a tank, they intend to use it in the near future.  So it only makes sense to insulate the tank to conserve energy.


Riding upon a captured whirl!  ^

^ A FUELLESS FLIGHT concept via the laws of BUOYANCY.  


 Here is the Canadian SOLARSHIP in its present incarnation:

Here is my addition to make it more efficient, much quieter, and have VTOL (Vertical TakeOff & Landing) capabilities. 

The noisy underside propellers are replaced by the much more efficient, 'PEEBLES FANWING' on the topside of the swept wing.

 "Today's events are bound to disturb yesterday's established order."  My passion for biomimicry designs has been for many years.  When I see an innovative, yet non-sustainable design that interests me, I'll then study it to re-work it into something new and novel, while being based upon how nature sustainably operates.  

Here is the 'Fuelless Flight' concept that I believe you will enjoy looking through. First of all, a little background information for my inspiration with this new and novel concept.  I have redesigned a revolutionary Canadian airship/plane that's called 'Solarship'

I have many different concepts that I've done this with, though let me stay focused upon just this fuelless flight idea first.  

I feel that it is truly a Biomimicry design, which is based upon the laws of buoyancy, combined with the laws of gravity.  Utilizing these two forces together in the right way will eventually give us a 'family aircraft' that could circumnavigate the globe, needing only the amount of fuel (LN2) that is stored on-board, as a 'catalyst'for making ALL the fuel we need, right out of the atmosphere!  

Those two forces working together could lead to a unique way of gliding  hundreds of miles, to then land with more fuel than was started with.

Imagine the worldwide newspaper headlines, when this discovery is finally demonstrated with a prototype!

Yes, it is true, that Emoji"all we need is the air that we breathe to love the Earth!"Emoji

What originally sparked my interest to begin with was a Canadian plane invention called, Solarship

I proposed this concept that you are about to read to this company, with them agreeing to an NDA.  This design that I gave to them would allow the SolarShip plane to rise 'head and shoulders' above any other designed aircraft presently made.  

It turned out that after many, many emails back and forth, and disclosing all of the information you are about to read, they turned it all down in favor of 'staying the course' with their present design and investment capital. 

What had spurred me to start this study and research to begin with, was what I read that they were actually doing with their aircraft.  And that was, to get much-needed medical supplies to remote areas, which were hard to get to by a land vehicle.  i.e. Compassion, and the desire to help ease the suffering of a people in general, is the foundation from which this company was launched from.  

They use solar panels to create the needed electricity to power the aircraft.  Now, that electricity could be utilized in a much more efficient way.  

It may seem like a lot of complex stuff that I've gathered together here.  Though, each and every part of it is important to include.  Like the 'organs of a body, that are fitly joined together'.  

For instance, all of the details to do refrigeration with zeolite has been worked out, and is lightweight and portable.  There's one 'organ'.  

Then, a revolutionary, decentralizing 'envelope-in-an-envelope(a 'balloon-in-a-balloon') for the airship membrane, to use a thin blanket of nitrogen gas, that keeps the hydrogen lifting gas from contacting atmospheric oxygen.  There's another important 'organ'.  

With this method, expensive government-controlled helium as a lifting gas, is no longer necessary.

Next, the PEEBLES FANWING will efficiently propel this aircraft that I've designed in the quietest manner possible, while having a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing)ability, is still another 'organ' in this body.  

Is 'fuelless flight' even at all possible?  

In other words, utilizing the forces of gravity and buoyancy, to create a sort of Bernoulli effect roller coaster ride, that makes and stores liquid air LN2 (-321 F) as the 'heavier-than-air' glider plane descends.  

Then a cryogenic engine (which is really just a steam engine in reverse) becomes very useful.  The outside air then becomes its supplemental fuel source.  

Whenever the 'Fanwing SolarShip' is at its highest altitude (5+ miles), an on-board air compressorthen pressurizes half of the hydrogen lifting gas, to make the aircraft heavier than air.  

Then it starts its descent - creating the much-needed liquid air, and its by-product is obviously refrigeration.  Another by-product is that when liquid air is expanded in the presence of the ambient air,it can pull-in much 'free energy heat' from the ambient air temperature!  Why?  Because cold attracts heat.  And it is all relative to how cold it is.  In this case, -321F.

For many centuries scientists actually thought that cold was a substance!  It kept throwing them off, and it was only when they realized that cold was the absence of heat, the Industrial Age was finally born!  Heat engines could only be properly designed by first understanding this fundamental law.

So, how does a cryogenic engine extract free energy from the ambient air?  It does so through a series of 'reverse radiators', or heat exchangers, when the LN2 is exposed to outside temperatures.  (See the Minovitch patent below).  Cold attracts heat, and this is the very heat the the Sun has trapped in our outside ambient air temperature, and that creates the atmospheric 14.8 psi at sea level.  

How do we access this free energy that is trapped in the ambient air?  By first creating COLD! 

Michael Minovitch is responsible for giving us the space travel, 'gravity slingshot' concept, that is now used to explore the outer planets.  This following patent is what I base all my research findings upon.  Minovitch shows how we only need the atmosphere, and efficiently creating COLD, (liquid cold, that is), to then pull inFREE ENERGY from the surrounding atmosphere!  Michael Minovitch's patent for 'demagnetization refrigeration'. 

Okay, back to the 'FANWING SOLARSHIP' design.  The shape of the swept wing of the aircraft creates the 'lift effect', gliding for hundreds of miles, and all the while storing liquid air in cryogenic Dewar containers.  (Basically a vacuum coffee thermos in design.)

Expose this liquid air to the ambient air, it will expand 900X to run a cryogenic steam engine!  So here is a new source of fuel to run the modified Fanwing propulsion video turbines that are shown strategically-placed in my drawings.   

The online .zip folder contents:

1)  *DrawingDesignSolarShipFanwing  (requires a signed NDA to see it) -this file has my design drawings depicting the Fanwing addition, and Coanda effect airstream diverter.

2)  *Fanwing  -is about the Flettner Rotor, how the Peebles Fanwing lift propulsion is a further evolution of this.  Patrick Peebles 'Fanwing' is the revolutionary technology.   It will truly advance how the SolarShip is propelled.  

Their present SolarShip propulsion system, with its inefficient, noisy propellers is completely eliminated.  The lifting capability increases, and the speed and stability of the craft is increased as well. 

3)  *ZeoliteAdsorptionChiller-'ZEOTECH' -waste heat from the Fanwing propulsion system, can 'desorb' Zeolite to have a continuous refrigeration at very low wattage.

Michael Minovitch, who is the one that gave us the mathematical formulas for 'gravity slingshot' for our spacecraft to the outer planets, has a magnetic condensing engine, with an important heat exchanger expansion system that is very pertinent to the liquid air expansion process.  

5)  *PertinentAirshipDesigns -shows different inflatable wing concepts which could be adopted.

6)  *PortableSolarFoundryToRechargeZeoliteRefrigerant -take two sheets of polished aluminum flat on a trailer, to hydraulically curve, to become a highly-reflective, solar-tracking Zeolite desorber.

7)  *AirshipEnvelopeMaterial -some fabric compositions, and a way to minimize the lifting gas loss.

8)  *BoundaryCoandaEntrainment -how a 'vertical takeoff and landing' VTOL could happen by airflow entrainment.

9) *HydrogenLiftingGas/NitrogenBlanket airship concept -decentralizes the manufacture of a lifting gas, which is presently government-controlled helium.  A little-known method of a balloon-in-a-balloonwhere the outer envelope is pressurized with a blanket of inert Nitrogen gas.  

10) Making Nitrogen for the 'inert gas blanket' around the hydrogen balloon with on-site PSA (pressure swing adsorption).  Basically using a compressor to run air through a zeolite sieve.

"TINY BUBBLES"...A 10-minute video about the the "AHA!" moment for MIT chemistry professor Daniel Nocera and his students, with the discovery of an inexpensive catalyst using COLBALT, as a way for ARTIFICIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS to happen! 

This means that instead of the normal high-amperage electrolysis method, it will now only take ONE THIRD the energy to split water into the same amount of hydrogen and oxygen! 

This is worth a watch, for it means that soon, direct SUNLIGHT TO HYDROGEN will be possible, without the cumbersome electrolysis unit, or caustic and dangerous KOH potassium hydroxide necessary! Just water and sunlight    

Daniel Nocera's revolutionary ARTIFICIAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS patent. (Do a "Ctrl F" on this page, and type in the word "COBALT". Then the read becomes much more interesting, as his catalyst discovery is revealed!  Oh, the simplicity of it all)

All of these 'organs' mentioned are lightweight enough to be carried on-board as a package unit!  The traditional bank of heavy batteries are no longer needed, since a'fuel cell' runs on the Artificial Photosynthesis process.  Just add water and sunshine! 

Decentralizing the lifting gas is a must, and the safe use of hydrogen can be embraced and not shunned as some dangerous, explosive gas.  Professor Roy McAlister backs me up on this with his voluminous research.  He is a one-stop-shop on understanding how hydrogen can be utilized as a safe lifting gas.  

If you are interested in looking through my 'fuelless flight' drawing designs, let me know.  And please, do share with me your thoughts.