Birds, Frogs, Fish and Fresh Air

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Suspended from a spinning airship, George Herbert floats on through.

City or town, frequently touching down to recycle industrial goo.

Up and away he goes. Where to land next? Only he really knows.

But you can be sure that in any town, in any state,

There's ample free garbage for his blimp to inflate!

Ah yes, the 21st century gas makers from just a decade before,

Evolved into lightweight, high pressure 'Kevlar' bags galore.

Like a white blood cell...floatin’ into the heart of the matter.

As yucky old oil gets sucked up, his balloon gets lighter and fatter!

"Holy symbiosis!” someone said as they watched it all go down.

"This fella's plumb cleanin' up our place! We could use this all over town!"

As George takes some time to relax, and to get a little lunch in,

He explains how this transformation process actually functions.

"The 'gondola car' has the recycler, and garbage is its food

The blimp is radio-controlled, patiently waits at a high altitude.

Once the recycler does its thing,

This bell over here will let out a ring...r-r-r-R-RING!

As you can see, 'eco-automation' is the key, from beginning to the very end.

So, on that note, a signal to my craft I will now proceed to send...bleep!

Here, please help yourself to more of this hot tea.

Condensed pure water! It’s a recycling result, you see?"

As the spinning airship descends, the crowd lets out a big cheer!

Gondola attaches, George then says, "See ya later, I'm outta here!"

A horn blows to announce his floating craft was finally upon its way.

His 'all-in-one recycler' was the talk-o-the town all that day, I'll say!

Perhaps soon, many recycling airships like this one could abound?

It does look rather neat while in motion. That entire balloon spins around!

What's this? A book! George gave it to the former owner of that goo.

'How to Build a Total Recycler. Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!'

Hmmm, looks like fairly easy 'backyard mechanic' kinda stuff.

What to do with toxic waste? That question before sure was tough.

Now, an eco-message of 'Recyclemania' is ringin’ forth through our land.

'Cause, it's hard to say how much runoff today our lovely earth can stand?

It’s either the kids or us that’ll hafta start diggin' up this buried trash.

So, no time like the present, we're comin’ clean, while makin’ pretty good cash!

Ah yes, money an important tool that’s making our world go 'round.

And, what better way than to amply pay for recycling every toxic pound?

Eventually many birds and frogs once more will abound,

Bringin’ with them their melodious chirping and croaking sound!

The freshwater fish will return to the lakes that were burned

- By acid rain (caused from far-away cities, I've learned).

We who live here really do affect they who live there!

We’re the ones bringin' back the birds, frogs, fish...and fresh air! How?...

- By a lifting gas made from recycling (plus an oxygen bar for the crew).

An N2 balloon encloses an H2 one (to keep the H2 from touchin’ the O2!!)

As technology slowly progresses, we all can be floatin’ around.

Doin’ our work by our own steam, easily liftin’ up every pound!

When that occurs, a continent-wide wildlife park for everyone!

Nature’s way is revered with all our happenin’s under the sun.

Environmental woes we see occurring would also greatly reduce.

No longer are we tryin’ to kill that golden egg-layin’ goose!

We need something to jump off into, or we’ll stay doin’ the same ole routine.

That’s where you and I can come in. Puttin’ new life into a well worn scene!

Trailblazers’ get the most nicks and cuts, as a path gets forged on through.

How else to discover that new ‘land’? The ‘scouts’ have to tell us what to do!

So, the best trailblazin’ realm that I’ve come across, by far

Is inspiring children everywhere with "airship instead of car”!

Soon, they’re our size running things. It don't take long, lemmetellya!

Unlike us ‘old fogies’ (who pretty much buy whatever the TV set wants to sell ya!)

Cultivatin’ high hopes for humanity. Oh, what these little ones do impart!

A seed of an idea planted and watered. How else is it all gonna start?

How ‘bout a floating ‘grape cluster’ group, that's able to thrive and soar!

Each ‘grape’ is another airship home!  Communal living? - no longer a bore!

Details and numbers have already been crunched, by good ole Bucky , himself.

"It’s all his idea, not mine." I say, "I just dusted off his book from that shelf!"