The Charioteering Lifestyle in Philly!

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 The 'Charioteering Lifestyle' theme is about a unique way to safely transport people in a light-hearted and very elegant fashion!  


Yes, this next model will be able to transport 800 pounds of people, that could be pulled around by a 100 pound person, who runs with moonwalking ease!   At the end of the event, it will fold up, to become a flatbed trailer!


This upcoming DREAMCATCHER CHARIOT is designed for reaching a large spectrum of people, from little children, to great grandparents!   Truly it is a 'rolling stage', complete with percussion & stringed instruments!


A birthday party Charioteering business is in the works.

Here is a three minute video: CURRENT TV BURNING MAN: 575-737-8459


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"Ready for liftoff!"  Two girls hanging out in a hemp rope hammock.  Dad and Mom are sitting below!