A Frozen Solar/Air-Powered Tinman!

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The other day, after seeing the "Lizard of Oz", I imagined a rusted, old tin man character  that is discovered - buried beneath snow in an icey avalanche tomb...and pinned behind a protective snow-covered chariot!

Along one of their journeys some travelers stumble upon it in an old caved in stone building.

The snow and glacier had receded to reveal this pile of debris that was once a magnificient stone fortress!  Rubble and big stones are removed by some newfangled 'compressed air' invention of theirs that they could carry along in one of their pockets. An ornately carved wooden box opens up to reveal a fold-out crank! Turning, it spins a 'gadolineum disk' through a magnetic field created by a powerful lodestone.

All of this spinning makes the gadolineum disk very, very cold! Liquid air kinda-cold!  Cold attracts the solar heat right out of the ambient air temperature, and then starts compressing it into tiny, but strong, compressed air sacks!  

And it's just what is needed for this compressed air tinman to come back to life!...


"By jove... It works!!" it says out loud to everyone gathered 'round.

"Oh, now I seeee .... my conscouisness survived inside this machine so tough!

"But now all my old friends have moved on, while I stayed buried under all this stuff!

"Come to think of it, tick tock tick tock...that was a looong time ago.

"How I ended up back here in this corner, well, I really just don't know!

Pinned down in this old stone building, staring at the same big rock!

Time went extra slow with the constant tick-tocking of my internal clock!

That big ole rock sittin' there, barely blocking my outdoor view!

Sheeesh! I know its every crack and crevice, just lemmetellyou!

"What happened to me? Oh yes,The earth beneath me shook...the rumblings grew and grew!

"The walls started collapsing in with heavy SNOWWwwwwWW! (and lots of it, too!)

"The last thing I remember hearing was a hhhhhhhsssssSSSSSSSSSSSS, each time I let out a yawn!

oH no!..I WAS DEFLATINGGggggggssssssssssssssssssssss, & couldn't yell for help before all my air was gone!

"Air? I must be now inflating to have been saying to you all of that!!

"Why, you have a 'air inflation gizmo' lifting me up from over where I sat!

"No one knew I had gotten myself back here in this predicament ...until too late!

"All my compressed air reserve simply ran out of me!! What an ironic twist of fate!

"I could no longer honk or whistle , or even play my flute

"To let my friends know where I was, instead I became very mute!

"Though, my eye camera was solar powered, and it sure continued working just fine!

"If only the rest of me was solar powered like thattttttttsssss... as I let out my last whine!"

"Until now! "WOW! Oh, thanks to you, I'm inflating just fine!


"Gosh, that machine you have there is simply blowing my mind! Toooooot!

"So, you say that it sucks the solar heat right outta thin air?

"Lettin' the cold come in here, but puttin' the warmth over there!

"- That it'll run that tiny newfangled air compressor I have to aquire?

"Amaazing! Oh, to be solar powered... where each time I breathe, I get higher!

"It is very obvious to me now, it's sure some seeds of fun you're sowin'

"So, may I join your traveling caravan, and where might you be goin'?"

"Oh, we're off to the Crystal Forest mountain, where Nature still reigns supreme.

"Every place you come near, there's an insight very clear, for us to keep it all clean!

"Though, its hidden here and scattered over there, amidst many a cranny and nook.

"It's not an easy trek we've chosen to take. Here, look at this detailed map book...

"There are fields of hemp growing wild, and also some nice groves of bamboo

"...Sure, c'mon along, let's get going ...and bring that chariot too!

(Hmm, what could this frozen tinman be reminiscing upon?) 

                                        V CLICK V 

"The Lizard of Oz" is my inspiration for this story!