Monster Rocket to Travel to Mars

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Congress-Approved Space Launch System (SLS)

Rocket launch insanity on the grandest scale yet, environmentally speaking, is coming next.  Notice in this article that nothing is said about the ENVIRONMENTAL repercussions to this Nazi-spawned 'space conquest' vision?  I've compiled pertinent information that shows how much we need an ORBITAL ROCKET LAUNCH MORATORIUM on a world-wide scale. 


The Space Shuttle carried 177 TONS of Aluminum Oxide in its solid fuel rocket boosters.  How much does this behemoth rocket hold?   $10 BILLION DOLLARS FOR ONE ROCKET?  And to what end?


Here's the curveball,


This all had its origins in the Nazi warmongering industrial complex.  An enchantment of fantastic machines and technology was used to cast a spell over the receptive baby boomers, partially through the watching of Walt Disney/Wernher Von Braun space movies, and the like.  I know I saw them when I was young, and was deeply affected by them.  I would draw  'CONQUEST OF SPACE'rockets blasting off during elementary school.  


Yes, it was the era of the 'baby boomers' who were affected, and who are now 'in charge', 'running' things.  The 'conquest of space' philosophy that Congress supporting with all these BILLIONS to NASA has been on an unswerving path.  From the pres all the way down the line, they have convinced themselves, and a good majority of the sheeple, that rocketing to outer space is the patriotic thing to do.


And let the taxpayers cover the bill!  


Who in Congress is studying about the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT that these solid fuel rockets is having upon our ATMOSPHERIC ENVELOPE, that is filled with a FINITE supply oxygen?  Oxygen is not a vast and unending resource.  Yet that's the way man is treating it.  HUNDREDS OF TONS of NITROUS OXIDE gets released that turns into ACID RAIN.  


This Nazi-originated space rocket technology has never stopped waging war upon the environment.   Solid rocket boosters spew out HUNDREDS OF TONS toxic ALUMINUM OXIDE propellant WITH EACH LAUNCH out to 22,236 miles (geosynchronous orbit).   Mission:  To gather 'valuable data' about the ozone layer it just took out, that someday we'll all benefit from.  Peacetime NASA rocketry?  It aint gonna ever happen.


Why again are we going to Mars?  Oh yeah, to get WAY distracted from our real mission, i.e. creating peace on earth, and good will to ALL.  Something the Nazi's weren't really that keen on.  And that is where the rocket was conceived.  Like a parasite, the Nazi mentality subtly changed form to adapt & stay alive.


Good news, though!  We could FLOAT to space, instead!   A company named, Aerostar is doing just that. 


25 miles out is a far cry from blasting off to Mars.   Though, by allowing BUOYANCY to be our teacher with this one, we could float out to 25 miles, experience first hand that all is truly ONE  Then, to come back to earth, greatly enhanced by the experience.  Everything totally recoverable and re-useable.  Nothing polluted, de-spoiled or destroyed.  


After an experience such as this, and not at the expense of the environment, we may just re-consider whether going to Mars is all that great an idea after all?


Float to Space, Instead of Rocketing There