Transmit Only in Harmony!

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Harmonic Cellphone Signal Transmission!

By Dar in _Sel by@ hotmail. com 8 45 -275-8 862 

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see my MWO Cellphone tower drawing concept.

I would like to propose an idea to you that the radio frequency (RF) pollution health problem is really about playing all of the 'notes' all at once! Read further and I will explain what I mean by this.

First of all, what is Nature already doing on the vibrational spectrum of things? How does it all fit together to work harmoniously?

If this 'template' of the 'Schumann Resonance' here on the earth is only used when RF is transmitted, then a fast recovery all of life will happen while also increasing the PH level in the environment! When surrounded by the right RF vibrations, our thinking processes will become more 'alkaline' than 'acid', too.

B. Blake Levitt, author of 'Cell Towers, Convenience or Hazard? said, "We are 'electrical beings'. The heartbeat, brain waves and cell division all function by electromagnetism. The human anatomy is a coherent electrical system.

RF signals transmitted from cell towers could also follow the harmonic rich and beneficial patterns demonstrated in this FM/Microwave frequency healing device

Those who want cell phone convenience, without its present documented RF dangers, would then be able to 'have their cake and eat it too'!

What if signals transmitted and received from cell phone/radio towers everywhere would only be that of the harmonic-rich healing frequencies spoken of on this 'braintuner' link?

Then, the signals that are broadcasted would only build up and increase life in its coverage area! When a cell phone is turned on, it would send and receive RF's that are in keeping with certain 'harmonic octaves' of the earth's 'Schumann Resonance' of 7.8 HZ!

When 'Mozart' is played on a piano, there is a peaceful healing quality and pleasantness to what is transmitted to our ears. What if those same harmonic frequencies are adhered to when transmitting up in the octaves of the AM, FM? What if this is all that was allowed to be transmitted?

An entire restructuring of the FCC is required to make this happen! :-D

For example, if someone started banging on all of the piano keys all at once, we would want that noise to immediately stop. It is unpleasant to our ears to hear every note all at once over and over again.

The only difference with audible sound and microwave energy is the oscillating frequency of the photon. Even though we cannot hear it, playing all of the 'notes' all at once in the megahertz and gig hertz range, along with using single disharmonious bandwidths, could be what is really the damaging factor to living organisms!

In understanding microwave transmission, it can all be simplified down to this:

If the 'crests' of two RF waves meet, the effect produces a more intense wave, and the two waves are said to interfere constructively. Should the 'crest' of one coincide with the 'trough' of the other, then the waves are said to interfere destructively.

So, I envision that future cellphone conversations will first translate messages into the proper rhythmic wavelengths (that build up and promote healing). Then, the message is broadcasted and received, to be translated back into the original message at the other end. (The rhythmic calls of frogs and toads could be followed in doing this.) This could all be analogous to turning on the 'Photon Sound Beam' device spoken of at this website link mentioned above.  

What is the alternative? Scientifically documented DNA damage, which then affects the genetic information, and the ability for an organism to maintain 'electrical homeostasis' and to be able to reproduce. We must remember that all life only comes from pre-existing life.

Due to the exponential increase in the use of this new cellphone technology, I believe that this is soon to become a much more serious problem than all of the other air and water pollution problems we now already have...combined! This is because of the 'Wireless Juggernaut’ that is now sweeping the land. More and more cellphone towers are being erected to give to people the cellphone convenience that they want.

Short and sweet, we need an FCC-restructuring 'Science Court', with the same type of ultimate powers given to it as are given to the U.S. Supreme Court! Amendment 14 in our Constitution needs only one word added to make this become a reality: "...without due process of NATURE'S law."

The technological abundance that we've been given in this century also comes with an immense responsibility to, comprehend and copy Nature, and allow It to be our teacher.

So, the whole idea here is to pick up the Schumann Resonance wave and where it is exactly, vibrationally-speaking. Then amplify that signal and sympathetically sychronize with the other detection units in the hexagonal grid pattern that's laid out onto the ground.

This monitered amplified signal is transmitted to a receiver that controls the harmonic MWO FM transmission oscillation level. This is in essence a type of 'hearing aid' or 'listening device'. Just like the rise and fall of the tide, so too does the Schumann Resonance.  An Earth vibration 'biofeeback' that's complete with an amplifier of the signal to the Cellphone then transmit back only in harmony!  This would become the carrier wave that the signal would travel upon. 

Granted, we may not be able to make as many phone calls as we have by 'TDMA' - the digital chopping of the band wavelength.  But rest-assured, two steps forward and one step back will allow us to have healing MWO vibrations coming from our cellphones and cellphone towers!