The 'Airgulper' Concept

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Inject Air into an Insulated Tank Instead of Compressing It!

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the 'Airgulper' drawing.

The original idea with my drawing here is to add certain guiding shapes to the inside of the air tank. As far as my patent searches have gone, this has never been done before. Why? Because there hasn't been a need to do so. Now, here comes the valvular/air jet principle. 

My contribution is in giving the high-pressure jet of air some place to go to to get out of the way of the low-pressure air that is getting sucked in! That is, the high pressure air would be out of the way for a longer interval while it is trapped inside of the scrolling shaped valvular conduits!

In other words, it 'steps aside' for a longer duration, so that more low pressure air can enter into the tank per interval. The scrolling shape's proportion is in keeping with the shape of the Nautilus seashell, or, as it is called, the Golden Section ratio.

These one-way 'air scoops' momentarily compress air toward the center of the scrolling assembly. They act similar to the 'valvular conduit' that Tesla invented for his 'powerhouse in a hat' bladed disc turbine.

Moreover, a 'quick-release' mechanism then separates the low pressure filler hose from a full, insulated tank

Each carbon fiber-wound, spherical tank would hold between 5,000 - 10,000 psi. 

The solar heat is now contained by using an insulated 'tank injection system', this could double the traveling range.

Insulate each and every high-pressure tank with its own built-in compressor/injector system. Why? Because of the First Law of Thermodynamics. 80-93% of the air being compressed by 'modern' methods goes up as heat to the ambient air!

If people are stopping by to replace their empty air tanks as often as they may fill up with gasoline, then it makes sense to retain as much heat in the compression process as possible!

The compressed air tank then would become similar to a pressure cooker! The insulated tank that the air's being compressed into will contain the pressure level for a longer period of time. Use it right away and it takes you farther down the road!

Then, when people drive their compressed air cars, the extremely cold exhaust from their tail pipes (-50 to -75F) then cycles through a heat exchanger radiator which pulls in the solar heat right out of the ambient air! A Triple-stage expansion air engine in the French Locomotives ran this way at the turn of the century.

The Airgulper assembly is retrofitted inside of an insulated scuba tank.^  Not only would it be extremely quiet while compressing air this way, the compression heat also remains for a time.   Normally, if someone is compressing air into a tank, they intend to use it in the near future.  So it only makes sense to insulate the tank to conserve energy.

The drawing above is of a device that was used in driving pulsejets.  It demonstrates the 'Kadenacy Effect' that inspired the spiraling 'Valvular Conduit idea in my drawing.  


 Air pulse generation technology

It is a newly developed magnet valve that generates a powerful air pulse instantly from compressed air without electrical control!


 It all leads to one important thread that connects it all, and that is to first research and study the particular goings-on in our biosphere.  And secondly to share it as soon as possible with everyone else!  Public Domain is the way to be of service to humanity as well.  That's what I'm finding.  The people drawn to this site probably have in a way been filtered to it through your friends inviting you!  

 So freeing to do it this way, having the intention always that humanity fare, and there's a whole bunch of us around here who really do care!  

We get up every morning like, SurprisedKnowing what's ahead 'cause last night came clear!  

A new destination, now in our sites, manipulating air with shapes, creating many delights!  

For this is only the beginning of many more concepts to come, evolving into better shapes curves and riflings.  Yes, even riflings could give us a pristine way to launch a projectile into low earth orbit, to be met by a slingshot catcher's mitt that will boost it into a higher orbit!  Can you see that?  8 miles per second, isn't it to escape Earths gravitational pull?  Hmm...