Drawings of future models

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I toyed with the idea of having a 'pushmepullyouhopper' for many years.  Recently, after attending the Rainbow Gathering in the Ocala National Forest in FL, I went to Gainesville and worked with my friend, Sky Campbell, to build one!  Here is the link to go see it in action!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI3j4IeFFJQ 

I also want to motorize the skedaddlehopper in some way. I personally feel that a compressed air motor is the best choice. Also, since I pull from the front, I would want the motor to do the same. And, when I hop, so too does the rolling platform that I'm standing upon!

Here is a closeup drawing of what the driver would be standing upon.

Here is the bare bones basic of what I am doing. As you can see, it can be a whole lot lighter and disassemble to ship through the mail!

This drawing shows a comparison with the weight right over the wheels vs. the weight almost as far back as the driver is forward.

I would like to take the Dreamcatchermobile (the green circle) and make it into a giant puppet!  At least two costumed people would operate it.  One pulling it, as the two front legs (with an electric assist motor), and one sitting in the back operating the romote control poles for the dragon head! 

The Foldable Chariot design could be the skeletal framework for this mythical, moonwalking creature!