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And, now an even further evolution of the Chariot, with its teeter-totter balance arrangement, is happening in a new/old way with electric motor wheel hubs!  

Imagine many balancing Dreamcatchermobileswhich interact with the audience, allowing them to participate by riding in a magical vehicle during a show...with other balancing chariots!  All could be moving together in elegant flowform flower patterns (much like the synchronized swimmers of the '60's).   

believable Dragon Puppet could appear as if it's moonwalk/galloping!   The front legs of the dragon are the disguised Chariot driver's legs.  So the illusion of galloping can be created!  The back puppet legs have alternating linkages to both hidden fulcrum wheels, and this creates the illusion of loping along.

After a ride on the back of this mythical beast, people could peer inside, and see the ornate geometrical structure, and all of the mechanical workings...and the two costumed operators, who balance each other out!  The passenger articulates the head of the puppet with cables.

A Dreamcatcher Chariot is now enveloped in a fabric skin, to be the skeletal structure of an articulated, talking Dragon puppet!


Next stop...HYPERSPACE!