Burningman 2007 Desert Hoppin'

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Burningman 2007 Dreamcatchermobile VIDEOS:

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A FOLDABLE  Chariot design (part 1)

 A SK8nHOPPER design (part 2)


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Next stop...HYPERSPACE!

This vehicle operates similar to how a clock escapement mechanism works.  

Imagine my balancing Chariot as the L-shaped 'escapement':



I'm leaned over a pillow, and get lifted up by the passenger's weight!

 Where do Charioteers go to relax after giving a ride?  (click!)^

The Dreamcatchermobile rests back onto two 6" caster wheels when stationary.  

The 'lever arm' to pull the front downward is none other than a lightweight aluminum scaffolding ladder!

 Some of the rungs have been removed to make room for the driver!

Here is how it is so easy to move a lot of weight with very little effort.  I am leaned over onto a stomach sling, and my arms are resting on cushions.

This combination of support allows the driver to be comfortably lifted up, and weigh about 1/6th of their weight.  If you put some scales under me, I'd probably weigh about 30 pounds!.

Also, the fulcrum tires must be of very high pressure.  These BMX tires are rated at 100 psi.  

This way, the traction (my feet), and the coasting (the wheels) can be separated in a rhythmic 'skedaddlehop' fashion.  So, when I skedaddle, I get to hop, and when I hop I get to skedaddle!

This action makes it a true Conservation of Momentum-mobile!  

 And, as I skedaddlehop forward, I get to moonwalk, and be only about 1/6th of my weight!  Talk about walking softly on Mother Earth, here's one way to do so! 

Now, how could this all translate over into a super-efficient SNOWMOBILE design, that uses only a fraction of the energy needed to go the same distance?  Click here to learn more! 

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