A Floatin' Ford

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Float up to 5 miles, then recompress half the lifting gas - to glide in to your destination that is hundreds of miles away!

Here is a story...
It is a fanciful one about a time machine that gets launched into space, and then guided right smack-dab into the tail of an orbiting comet that is fast approaching Earth!  (It's a really unique kind of comet which didn't come around too often!)  Within a certain proximity to earth, a 'window'  into the past is opened for a just a split second, with an intense torroidal magnetic field pulse ............... which actually shoots an object back into Henry Ford's back yard - while he's out there in his garden gatherin' together some salad fixins...
zzzzzzzvvvvvzzzvvvvvzzzvvvvzvvvvvvvvvoooooooosssssssshhwtttttthwwwwhtttthhhwwwwttttthsssssssssssssss It's just long enough to propel a small object...a boothat is sent back into the past!  A special light alloy magnetic rail gun is made that can shoot a smallish cannister through the fleeting opening (or tear) in the fabric of space time...and do it all with precise timing, too! 
Why go to all this bother just to get something like a book to shoot back in time 100+ years or so?   * *  *  * * * * * * ** 
Well, have you ever wondered what the world would look like today if some fact in history could be changed? 
If a person, who lived way back when, could actually be influenced to make just one decision different? 
Okay, just for fun, let's pretend as if we are now able to change a past scenario
And use our imagination and gaze in upon a scene that's never before been witnessed...
In reasearching the latest innovative airship designs, some of the concepts are so simple, yet so profound. 
Someone easily could've come up with the same idea and built it 100+ years ago! 
For instance, what if a very young Henry Ford were to happen upon a 'Balloonotopia' 'how-to' book...
...It is magically sent back to him from our time! zzzzzzsssssscracklessssszzzzzaaap! 
He stumbles upon it as he is in his backyard garden looking around for a ripe tomato for lunch...
'Hmmm, what's this? Oh my! Of all things to find on my quest.
A book from the future? C'mon This has gotta be some practical jest!'
While flipping through...'It's actually true! I still can't believe my eyes!
After readin' all this, I'm making my vehicle be of the type that flies!
I'm simply flabbergasted, dumbfounded and beside myself with glee!
Doin' it my way means plasterin' many roads, from sea to shining sea!
So, after lunch, I must go and make it so! There is really no time to delay.
When people ask me what it is? 'Why, it's a Floatin' Ford!',
I'll say!
'Model T'? Oh puleeze, that's so yesterday, use the atmosphere instead!

That way you get to take along your favorite sofa and your kingsize bed!'
It appears as if the ones who wrote this have yet to grace the Earth.
I wonder what'll happen to them when I give their inventions birth?
Well, I know that my thoughtful attention is really like a seed that I sow
It could be just a tiny 'sunflower', or a big ole sproutin' 'avocado'!
Changin' my feelings then changes my coarse, this much I know is true
And if I change the way I'm feelin' today, I'm actually changing you!
My answer's right here on this book's page, 'The only thing that'll last,
-Is when a loving word is sent forth from the past!'
All else pales when compared. Now book, what direction shall I go?
Flipping pages. Oh, look! A 'Snowhopper' skiing out on new-fallen snow!
Hmmmm, What powers this rocking contraption as it glides across the scene?
And how are those wispy puffs of air exhaustin' out so clean?
Why, it looks like a buncha carraige parts just got all flipped around!
Pulling forward with a 'teeter-totter' balance - and hardly making a sound!
And now on another page I just happen to spy
-Its counterpart floating high above it there in the sky!
Why, it's a spinning airship that’s sailing up and away!
Lookin' like a giant football just got tossed, I would have to say!
Ahead it floats, carrying all the totes, to meet the Snowhopper elsewhere.
What concepts these future ones have decided to send back here & share!
I read that it requires a fuel that's made of none other than liquid air!
Boy, that's pretty cold stuff, y 'know. Gloves, glasses...handle with care!
Gosh, I was gonna use gasoline that we all would have to pump.
(Though, I knew from its nozzle drips and drops we'd daily dump!)
So, I see... this 'master key' for change is to only 'technologically rearrainge!
Makin' it really easy for others to get floatin' around
-(Without so much as lettin' forth a sound!)
It's no problem now, when you tap into Nature's plans.
I'm now inspired to get going; to start exploring uncharted lands!
It says, "Today is the day, & 'being in the moment' is the way!
Answers will come - spiralin' forth from within our minds.
Believing things already true, that's what we will soon find!"

Bernoulli rings within rings to concentrate the flow of air. This is where I got the idea for the steering control.


Below is my original drawing for the 'fuelless flight' concept.