The Santa Barbara PEDALHOPPER

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Next stop...HYPERSPACE!



This vehicle operates similar to how a clock escapement mechanism works.  

Imagine my balancing Chariot as the L-shaped 'escapement':


In Santa Barbara with my new friend, Angela

Home is where the cart is!

^ There is a 3-gallon jug of water in the back of the vehicle is lifting me up. When a passenger arrives, then the jug goes with me up front!

A child hopping along the Santa Barbara boardwalk!

Starting to build the Dreamcatchermobile in Isla Vist, CA. Aluminum bicycle wheel rims lashed together with innertube and duct tape!

A "Granny trike" is the chassis and is reversed around so that the passenger can PEDAL it "backwards" to assist the runner/driver with forward motion!

8" swivel caster wheels are attched to a 2x4 which is fastened to the Granny trike's "forks".

Starting to wrap all of the bare metal with 3"-wide strips of decorative cloth.

All of the rims are now wrapped. Since I rip the fabric into 3" strips, I fold over one edge as I wrap it like "handlebar tape".

Finished chariot with hemp rope dreamcatchers woven into each rim and around the sides.

The SK8BOARDHOPPER is next. ^click^

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